LMF-AO (redfield79) wrote in classic_banners,


I need simple work done on one picture that I have. I will definatly credit if you would like me too(Whoever helps me out)

I want it to say "Let Me Live" in the top right corner of the picture. At the bottem right corner of the picture, I want it to say "Claire Redfield: Fans Only".

I have a picture of what kind of FONT I would like for the picture above. It doesnt have to be exact, but something like this:

If someone could also edit this picture to say "Jill Valentine" instead of "Resident Evil" would be the best ever too!

Please Please Please Help me! <333 Thank you ahead of time! If you want to talk to me, you can IM at ClaireRed79Lisa!
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Still need this done dear?
What color do you want the Font if you still want someone to make it?
IDK if your still look for someone to do it but i saw this and just did it if anything you want diffrent on it tell me or if you hate or like it just tell me just be truthfull...

No, i really like it but top left should say "Claire Redfield" And bottem right should be "Fans Only" :) And all red font, lol, that is really great though otherwise.
red :)

How is that?